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Putting you back in control

Hello, my name is Joanna Knight and I hope you find my website informative and easy to navigate. I have been in practice since 2008 and am a member of the Hypnotherapy Register,and N.C.H.

On the following pages, you will find what is on offer, so please consider what you are expecting from your therapy and what time scale would suit you, and your needs. I offer a variety of therapy choices to suit those with busy lives, with 30 minute telephone coaching sessions, 1 hour or 90 minute one to one sessions, through to 4 hour one to one intensive therapy breakthrough sessions.

Having been a Hypnotherapist for over 6 years now, I find hypnosis to be fulfilling and fascinating work, whereby I often link into my own subconcious framework as a guide. For this reason I offer a variety of useful techniques that will be assessed and discussed during your consultation. Mind tools on offer are: Clinical hypnosis,suggestional hypnosis,emotrance, timeline therapy,nlp,eft Matrix re- imprinting,life coaching,3D Mind and Ego based parts therapy.

Hypnotherapy is often described as being a relaxing, gentle and positive mood enhancer, with the potential for powerful and positive change. With this in mind, I also realise that the first step can often be the hardest, and yet often it is the most rewarding too.


My practice clinic can be found at * The Amber Zone, Maidenhead Berks*, where I also see clients from surrounding areas such as Bray, Marlow, Cookham, Windsor, Henley, Bracknell and Reading as well as those travelling from Bucks, and London. For those who are housebound, disabled or live overseas I offer telephone consultations, *mobile therapy and Friday evening sessions. For more details just contact me directly for an informal chat at joanna@1stsuccess.com or call 01628 780470

Confidentiality: that all therapy is in line with the professional code of ethics, of the U.K. Hypnotherapy register and NCH. Your data is confidential and will not be shared with any other parties.

Caring, Confidential, Consultations

At this consultation I will explain what to expect and answer any questions or concerns that you may have about hypnotherapy, as well as exploring your wants and needs. Here are some examples of how I can help you…

  • Challenge and conquer your personal stress triggers
  • Create confidence for progression and growth
  • Increase your focus and motivation for your career goals and life map
  • Remove emotional blocks for weight reduction and smoking cessation
  • Break down unwanted habits or destructive cycles of behaviour
  • Improve your career or business focus with my motivational coaching and stress consultancy services.

Cancellation policy…
Please note…I will not charge for cancellation as long as I am notified within 24 hours in advance.

Empower your mind, empower your life!

Your text to link here… am your local Hypnotherapist for Maidenhead Berkshire. If you look on the Contact page you will find the address for my peaceful therapy centre based in Berkshire.

Remember, Hypnotherapy is a Powerful tool, that can initiate positive change of unwanted habits, fears, Phobias or related behaviours, so why not take a look at the Therapies and services page to your left and see what you think?

I look forward to hearing from you, and wish you every success in the future!

Jo’anna Davies dhp/masc/bsya(col)
Professional Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Colour Therapist & Stress Consultant and a member of the NCH.

An Introduction to My Services

Return From The Void - Available Now

Based on her challenging and adverse personal experiences, combined with professional knowledge: Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Consultant Joanna Knight gives you her own unique insight, direction and philosophy into a tried and tested recipe for mental well-being, happiness and on-going success!

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As well as joanna’s recent BBC radio berkshire interview with Anne Diamond and again on the Sarah Walker show… Joanna has appeared on Sky 201 on the Kevin Moore show, and is also interviewed on Marlow F.M. from time to time. See www.themooreshow.co.uk for more details. view www.themooreshow.co.uk/tv/past-guests.php?guest_id=113?

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In the media
Recent radio interviews on my therapies and book have been held with Anne Diamond *on *BBC radio berkshire and on Marlow F.M. with Christina Bachinni. *If you prefer to order elsewhere online then please look up Amazon, W.H.Smith and Waterstones who are also holding stock on line.

As from June 2013 Return from the void, is also now available on Kindle!

Special Offers/ Discounts & Concessions

  • Book a set of 6 hypnoslim weighless for life sessions and get your final session for half price!*
  • Enjoy a £10.00 discount reward for yourself and a £5.00 discount for your loved one’s and friend’s, by joining our refer a friend system.
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Usual price per session is a flat fee regardless of what joint therapies are used at just £65-